Thursday, December 17, 2009

Enjoy The Major Cities Near Geneva Hospitality’s Caracola Beach and Spa Resort

When staying at Geneva Hospitality’s Caracola Beach and Spa Resort, be sure to check out one, or all, of Isla Margarita’s major cities. Each city is sure to offer its visitors something different.

Porlamar- This is the biggest city on Isla Margarita and is known for its commercial center. It has a wide variety of shops and restaurants, sure to appeal to every taste. Boulevard Guevara, a narrow, store-lined road, is the best place to shop at good prices. The city also has two major beaches: Playa Moreno and Playa Guacuco.

Pampatar- This is the home to most of the largest shopping malls on Isla Margarita, including Sambil Margarita, Rattan Depot, Centro Commercial Avenida Bolivar, and La Redoma. It also houses the Castillo de San Carlos de Borromeo, which was constructed entirely of coral and built on the waterfront of the town center to protect the bay of Pampatar.

La Asuncion- This is the oldest city on Isla Margarita and is the capital of the Federal State of Nueva Esparta. It is also the center of the commercial and manufacturing industries, which include the growing of cotton, sugarcane, coconuts, and cassava.

Juan Griego- This city has small shopping centers and beaches, but is well known for the fortress La Galera. La Galera is not far from the center of the city and it is where the fierce battle of independence was fought in the 1820’s.

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