Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Cove of Lake Geneva now offers Grocery Services

With everyone’s schedules so busy these days, The Cove of Lake Geneva has found yet another way to make your stay here a little more relaxing. By adding grocery services to the list of amenities, The Cove gives you one less thing you worry about when planning your visit.

The Cove offers everything from breakfast to dinner to snacks in between, including things like:

               • ½ gallon 2% milk
               • Cereal (your choice)
               • Hamburger buns
               • Ground beef
               • Potato chips
               • French onion dip
               • 12 pk canned soda
               • 24 pk .5L water bottles

All you have to do is visit the Cove Grocery Service page and request what items you will be needing and the quantity of each item 48 hours before your arrival, and all your ordered items will all be waiting in your room for you by the time you arrive. And with the Cove’s fully equipped kitchens including everything from a fridge and stove to utensils and dishes, all your meal needs are sure to be met.

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