Monday, September 7, 2009

Windsurf Caracola!

If you’re looking for some reliable, thrilling fun, you may want to test your skills at windsurfing while visiting Isla Margarita. The island is famous throughout the world as being one of the best locations for the sport. In fact, Isla Margarita hosts Professional Windsurfing Association competitions each year. With its favorable geographic location in proximity to a nearby isle creating a consistent side shore wind, and shallow, warm water, the conditions are usually primed for windsurfing year-round. Generally though, the wind season runs from November until May, with the windiest months being January to March.

On any given day, allow the warmth of the morning to heat up the atmosphere, causing the winds to pick up in intensity. By mid afternoon, usually they are blowing at their peak. The winds of Isla Margarita create ripe conditions for all skill levels.

Professionals and beginners alike flock to El Yaque Beach, also known as the windsurfing capital of the world, located on the south side of Isla Margarita. The beach is three-quarters of a mile long with side-shore winds. The waters are shallow along the beach out to about 300 yards, making it suitable for beginners. Professionals venture out further to where the waters become rather choppy, with swells up to five feet.

If windsurfing is not for everyone in your family or group, it’s fun to just sit back on the beach and watch the surfers practicing their tricks and maneuvers!

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